Just finished reading the guides. I am a total reddit noob, but I think it's a solid guide with some out of the box ideas. And for the discounted price, you really can't go wrong here. ItI feel its one of those guides that are good for blending with your current methods.

Just wanted to say this is a great guide. I'm a newb to IM so this contained a lot of great information about getting traffic from Reddit. Also OP helped me out with some questions and issues I was having. Definitely recommend this!


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Just got around to reading everything. I have tried a few Reddit methods before shared here and didnt get anywhere so I still have the accounts. This idea is a great twist on Reffit and I would never have thought of it so I am giving it a try now. Well worth the money just for that idea. Ive got the tools needed for the FB method so I am getting more new accounts right now for it. Well worth the money to me.


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