How to Make Money on Reddit

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Discover Unorthodox Methods to:

  • Drive more traffic to your website, and increase your revenue.
  • Build quality links on autopilot and rise in Google.
  • Reach an untapped audience, and turn them into loyal fans.

Relying on Google is Like Playing Russian Roulette

It's exciting until you lose everything. 

I know the gut-wrenching feeling when you read that an update went live, and you quickly open your favorite rank tracker. Everything is okay, you are still there, but what about next time?

Hey, my name is Adam. I make a living from blogging since 2015.

In 2018 the so called "medic" update wiped out most of my sites, along with most of my income.

I was depressed, and spent most of my time browsing Reddit.

I started a community in the weight-loss niche, as I was on a diet at that time.

"In a few months my Subreddit went from 30 unique visitor a week to 1000 UV a day"

Then I built 5 more Subreddits in the same niche and started experimenting with monetization.

And this is what I'm offering you today, every little trick and method I learned along the years and still use on a daily basis to send targeted traffic from Reddit to my sites, and turn them into profit.

With the Subreddit Mastery You Will Discover

​How to Grow on Reddit

By growing your own communities and taking over existing communities (white hat way).

Hidden Ways to Drive Traffic Back to Your Site

Simple, actionable, easy. Evrything is illustrated and can be applied right-away.

​An Evergreen Traffic Source

That will subscribe to your list, share your posts and eventually make you money.

"Below is my take!"

Did it spark any new ideas?
Absolutely! Especially the Reddit and the FB one as I learned everything new from the start with the Reddit one but the Facebook is also good considering links keep on getting banned very often so good workaround
Can you apply these tricks to your own niches?
I see this working very well with just about all the niches out there
If you are reddit pro, did you learn something new?
Not a Reddit pro but I learned something very valuable and new that I have not come across before. I honestly learned everything new from start to finish related to the Reddit guide
Is this a good guide for newbies?
They are going to love it but also the intermediate ones are going to enjoy this!
Did you find the ebooks easy to read/well-illustrated enough?
They were easy to understand so should not be of any issue

- TheVigilante (Senior member on

Here are some of my Subreddit's stats.

(from 5k subscribers to 20k subscibers)

As you can see it takes some time to get to the sweet spot but once you get there, that sweet niche relevant traffic is yours forever to monetize.

And chances are good that you'll get there quicker than me because my work ethic is like the Kardashian's.

You'll Also Get 2 Bonus Books

Discover My Facebook + CPA Method

I'll show you the exact redirect chain that I use to direct link any offer on Facebook with custom image, title and description.

This method can make you money right away.

It's scalable and can be automated.

The Second Bonus is the Money Printing Javascript

Sorry, I can't say about anything about this without spilling the beans, but it will make you money that's for sure.

"This is a well written guide which offers step by step walkthrough"

"This is a well written guide which offers step by step walkthrough if you are interested in exploring Reddit as a source of traffic. This though teaches you how to create and monetise your own sub Reddits.

At 15 pages it’s not huge, but there’s plenty of information in here.

There are also a couple of bonus reports, the first is 10 pages looking at Facebook spam to earn money.
Number 2 is a JavaScript code for redirecting traffic, which is a huge time saver.

This is a great product but needs to be implemented to work.

Easy ordering, quick delivery and fair price point!"

- MisterF (Moderator at

"I'm sure that as soon as I start implementing the golden nuggets in this guide, I'll start seeing results immediately."

Design: The eBook is well-written, easy to read and follow, and aesthetically-pleasing. I like the fact that Adam has included a bunch of screenshots and illustrations to make following the guide and applying the tips effortless, which something that many writers fail to consider in their manuals and eBooks.

Content: The content is right to the point: no filler content, no BS. Adam gets to the nitty-gritty of his little tricks without wasting the reader's time with unnecessary details. The guide explains some neat tricks that I didn't know about, even though I have a respectable experience on Reddit. I'm sure that as soon as I start implementing the golden nuggets in this guide, I'll start seeing results immediately. The free bonus guides are equally impressive, and the tricks mentioned in them are totally new to me, so I'm excited to try them out.

Niche-Dependency: The tricks mentioned in the guide can be applied to practically any niche. That said, they're likely to perform better for some niches over others. As I currently have various projects in different niches, I don't think I'll find it hard to apply these tricks in my projects.

Beginner-Friendliness: Every step is well-illustrated, documented, and detailed, making this guide as beginner-friendly as they get. No matter how little of an experience you have, you won't find it hard to follow the different steps in the guide.

Price: Adam has told me that he's going to sell the main guide for $97 to the public folks and for $67 to BHW members.

Now, would I buy the guide alone for $97?

I don't think so, but that's only because I've played with Reddit before, so I'm not a total beginner in this field.

BUT, no matter my experience with Reddit, I'd gladly pay $67 for the guide, as it has a bunch of golden nuggets that I didn't know about, and which I'm going to start implementing right away. Besides, you get a couple of awsome FREE guides that make the $97 price point reasonable, and the $67 price point a total steal.

Customer Support: As I said, everything is easy to follow and implement without the help of Adam, but I'm sure he'd bend over backward to help beginners. After all, we all started as total newbies. (I've dealt with Adam before as a seller, and I can vouch for his awesomeness).

Verdict: I totally recommend this guide. Keep it up, Adam, you rock!"

- Nerva (senior member of

"when Adam is online hes happy to chat and give me a piece of his mind which is quiet nice of him."

I bought and downloaded the books i found them to be very informative, i have already started to apply methods to my work, i also recieve updates to a product i have already paid for which is just added value in my eyes, when Adam is online hes happy to chat and give me a piece of hes mind which is quiet nice of him.

Il keep an eye for hes posts as hes a valuble contributor to the forum with valuable information worth learning. All the best in your sales threads and business ventures Peace

- Velour (BHW member)

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Look, during my blogging journey I've bought underwhelming guides left and right...

I know the gut-wrenching feeling when you expect something interesting, new, fresh... then you get a plain ebook explaining an already half-dead method, then you feel dumb.

This bundle was put together with the above on my mind.

I guarentee that you will learn something that was never shared before.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • The Subreddit Mastery
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