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Hey, my name is Adam.

I started my affiliate marketing journey 5 years ago without a dime to invest, therefore I had to think outside the box to stand a chance.

I focused on Reddit from the very beginning and found several exciting ways to exploit it, and now I'm ready to share my secrets with you.

This guide doesn't focus on basics like account creation or upvoting.

Instead, you will learn unorthodox tricks & tips that will help you:

Rise in SERP

Never pay for a Reddit link again.

Earn More Money

Discover how to turn your Subreddits into automated money-making machines.

Diversify Your Traffic Sources

Don't rely only on Google anymore, build a loyal, converting community on Reddit that will be yours for life.

Find New Twists & Angles

Reddit is huge, it would be a mistake not to include it in your marketing plan.

I’ve been lazy my whole life...

...which has some drawbacks and benefits too.

There is a saying:

„If you face a complicated problem, give it to the lazy guy because he will find the easiest way to solve it.”

And this is what I’m offering you today.

My proven tactics and shortcuts that I learned along my IM journey. These are the very same tricks I use daily to drive converting traffic to my sales pages, ClickBank offers, or even Fiverr gigs.

And now, for a small fee, you can get my 5 years of knowledge about Reddit, instantly.

If you make only 2 sales, you are even.

With 3 sales you'll have a positive ROI already.

Meet The Subreddit Mastery

The only guide you ever need to make money on Reddit.

In this guide you'll discover how to turn your subreddit into an automated landing page that funnels traffic wherever you want.

And if you order today, you'll get 2 FREE Bonus guides

An evergreen newbie friendly CPA method for Facebook and the Money Printing Javascript that made an extra $6k in a year on my keto affiliate site.

The Subreddit Mastery

What our customers are saying:


Bought and just gone thru the training.

Both the reddit training/ method and bonus guides are concise little gold mines...the gold is there, it's up to us to mine it!

Applying the reddit and facebook methods this evening and throwing a twist or two into the mix...couldn't have come at a better time.

Thanks for sharing Adam...10/10.


PJ  //  Senior BHW member

Amazing e-books...

with a lot of easy and useful stuff, how to increase your traffic to a website or sell on your Clickbank, webshop products. Easy wroten and so everyone can read and understand every word. I recommend ALL to buy it if you struggling online earning money.

Dannaa  //  Senior BHW member

Here is what you are about to discover

  1. 1
    Hidden ways to squeeze every last drop of traffic from a subreddit.
  2. 2
    How to grow a subreddit, or how to get an already working one.
  3. 3
    How to soak up more Google traffic through Reddit that you can funnel back to your site.
  4. 4
    How to build tier 1 links on autopilot and rise in SERP.
  5. 5
    FB + CPA Bonus Method (easily automatable)
  6. 6
    Complete NSFW niche blueprint.
  7. 7
    A little-known SaaS that will boost your sales.
  8. 8
    200 lines of automod codes (this alone worth the price if you are serious about moderating)
  9. 9
    A simple JavaScript that will make you money on autopilot

I would hate to waste your time with unnecessary fluff, so the guides are:

  • Easy to read
  • Illustrated with vectors
  • Confusing steps are explained via screenshots
  • Copy-paste codes
  • On point
  • Look, during my affiliate journey, I’ve bought underwhelming guides left and right.

    I know the gut-wrenching feeling when you expect something interesting, new, fresh, but you only get a plain ebook explaining an already half-dead method.

    This bundle was crafted with the above on my mind.

    If you put in the work, you will make your money back in no time.

    Join Over 450 Happy Customers

    Lots of gems...

    Just bought these and read them all. Already implemented some of the strategies with my subreddits. Looking forward to seeing the growth.

    Lots of gems in these books for promoting on Reddit and Facebook

    JD90  //  BHW member

    I would gladly recommend these guides to anyone

    I bought the guides & I must say that I am really impressed by the creativity & targeted information that was present in the guides.

    If you can put in the work, then you'll surely see pretty solid results.

    I would gladly recommend these guides to anyone who wants to utilize the traffic from reddit.

    Chris Pandey  //  BHW member

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    Let's Recap What You Get...

    • The Subreddit Mastery
    • A little-known SaaS that will boost your sales.
    • The Money Making JS
    • Best Practices eBook
    • The Adult CPA + FB Method
    • The IG+Reddit Spam
    • 200 Lines of Automod Code
    • Complete NSFW Guide

    I have bought the eBook in October 2020 and started to implement some methods.

    To be honest I already had some subs (not huge or big, but decent) so my start was easier in that way, but nevertheless I got first CPA sale after 2 days and payoff my eBook that quickly. After that I got to steady xxx$ per month and rising...

    So yeah - This shit ias working :) Just do your part, don't spam and risk your accounts, go slow but steady and you will get there.


    Senior member of BHW

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why there are no earning screenshots?

    A: Because I won’t make promises that „You will earn $3000 / month”, it all depends on you. What I promise is that you will learn something new, and original.

    Q: Do I need to spend extra cash to make these things work?

    A: Nope. The methods are actionable and doable for anyone with any budget.

    Q: Do you offer refunds?

    A: Due to the nature of the service, no, I don’t. But if you have any questions, you can reach me through pm on BHW, or you can add me on skype for a live chat. My username is thescrrr just like here.

    Q: Wil I receive updates?

    A: If there's something new, important, I'll send you an email update.

    Q: Will this method become saturated?

    A: In one word, no. In more detail: It's not that type of guide that tells you to post x to y subreddit and you'll earn $100 a day. It will teach you how to build an evergreen traffic source that will send you targeted customers, leads, and links for life.

    Q: Is this an adult method?

    A: It's not an adult method, but I show you how to use these tricks in the nsfw niche. 

    Q: Do you have to invest in anything else (bots, proxies, accounts)?

    A: No, I do it manually. The bonus CPA method needs jarvee if you want to scale it, but the main (reddit) method is done manually. Although, you better off if you have a website already.

    Q: When will you see results?

    A: I can't tell you, as it depends on you and your niche, as I wrote above, it's not a get rich quick scheme. I'll show you my tricks and twists, but it's completely up to you how will you apply these to your niche. However, with the bonus CPA method, I made leads the same day when I retested it for the pics.

    Q: Why I'm selling this method?

    A: I never have seen these twists shared anywhere, so I think I'm offering real value here at a reasonable price. And I still use these tactics to drive traffic to my sites, so I know it works. 3rd, as I said above, I'm not afraid of saturation.

    Q: How much time do you have to put in daily?

    As much as you want, the more the better. Imagine it like growing an IG account, it's not an overnight success, but it will be rewarding at the end. (It's actually much easier than IG).

    A: Can you show me an earning screenshot?

    No, I'm not Frank Hatchet to lit dollar bills on fire just to lure you in. Success in IM depends only on you. With 1 affiliate sales, you can make back this book's price, if you don't see yourself making 1 sale on Reddit, then an earning screenshot wouldn't change much.

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